Furniture Care & Maintenance

For all Dedipo Furniture, protection from heat and moisture is crucial to the longevity of the item.  To help prevent scratches, use adhesive felt pads, coasters, placemats, and avoid sliding objects across the surface of the piece when possible.


Lacquer + Paint + Metal Surfaces

Dry dust with a clean microfiber or feather duster. Wipe with a damp cloth and mild cleaner as needed. Wipe dry promptly. Do not use cleaning products containing ammonia, alcohol, bleach or petroleum - instead use a general purpose wood cleaner. Avoid using furniture polish as over time it can accumulate and leave a residue.


Raw Wood

Dry dust with a clean microfiber or feather duster.  Use a damp cloth or soft brush as needed. Do not use any product containing wax or oil to clean.


Upholstered Furniture

Regular vacuum cleaning. 

For stubborn stains : Lukewarm water + Baking soda + Fabric Softener


Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture may require frequent oiling.  A cover is strongly recommended for all outdoor furniture. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture and/or direct sunlight.