Furniture Care & Maintenance

For all Dedipo Furniture, protection from heat and moisture is crucial to the longevity of the item.  To help prevent scratches, use adhesive felt pads, coasters, placemats, and avoid sliding objects across the surface of the piece when possible.


Lacquer + Paint + Metal Surfaces

Dry dust with a clean microfiber or feather duster.  Wipe with a slightly damp microfiber towel and mild cleaner as needed. Wipe dry promptly.We recommend that you clean with ammonia-free Windex or a mild surface cleaner.  Please stay away from bleach, alcohol, or petroleum based cleaners. You may use a general purpose wood cleaner. Avoid using furniture polish as over time it can accumulate and leave a residue.


Wax + Oil Finish

Dry dust with a clean microfiber or feather duster.  Wipe with a slightly damp microfiber towel.  Wipe dry immediately. Clean with ammonia-free Windex or a mild surface cleaner. Stay away from bleach, alcohol, or petroleum based cleaners. Our natural wax and oil finishes will dull over time.  Wax or teak oil may be reapplied as needed using a soft white cloth. 


Raw Wood

Dry dust with a clean microfiber or feather duster.  Use a damp microfiber towel or soft brush as needed. Do not use any product containing wax or oil to clean. Because wood is a natural product, it may vary in colour or grain from batch to batch.


Outdoor Furniture 

Outdoor furniture may require frequent oiling. A cover is strongly recommended for all outdoor furniture. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture and/or direct sunlight. If exposed to rain, allow cushions to air dry completely before putting them back on the frame.  


Leather Care

Dry dust with a clean microfiber or feather duster. Wipe with a slightly damp microfiber towel.  Do not use cleaning products on the leather.  The recommended leather conditioner is Skidmore’s Original Leather Cream. 


Marble + Stone

Dry dust with a clean microfiber or feather duster.  Wipe with a slightly damp microfiber towel.  Wipe dry immediately. It is important to use coasters and clean up moisture immediately on marble and stone surfaces.



Regular dusting & vacuum.

Natural Wood Disclaimer 

The appearance of cracking and checking in natural wood furniture can be alarming at first, but rest assured that it's a natural part of timber's lifecycle. This is true not only for furniture but for buildings, utensils, instruments, and ships. If you're concerned you've received a defective product and that the cracks you see are a sign of damage, we can attest that this is not a sign of deterioration but a natural reaction to climate.


Why Does Wood Split and Crack?

 ·  Cracking and checking occur when the grain of timber reacts to the moisture level in the air.

·   Wood adapts itself to the environment's moisture, temperature, and exposure to sunlight.

·   This is known as equilibrium, where natural wood will shift with the climate around it.


This can be startling to those who have never owned organic or reclaimed wood products before, as they fear the item is of lesser quality, but it's simply nature's way of making itself at home. We have a particular affinity for natural wood products. Many of our artisans favour solid wood to craft their pieces, allowing us to appreciate their unique marking and shift over time. This closely links with the wabi-sabi lifestyle, finding charm in the natural ebb and flow of life.


Should I Be Worried About Structural Integrity?

Not at all, unless the functionality of your furniture is affected by cracks, there are no issues associated with the natural cracking of wood. If anything, checks and cracks are actually helpful in reinforcing structural integrity as it helps to release the tensions and pressure of shrinking or expanding wood. You can witness these changes throughout the seasons, as if your furniture is a living, breathing being.


Can I Prevent Timber Cracking?

Because this is a natural process, it cannot be stopped only slowed. Our craftsmen use chemical free, organic finishings that help to keep the woods natural integrity, embracing its virgin qualities. Therefore, cracking may occur throughout its lifespan, particularly with reclaimed wood.

However, if you are looking for ways to decelerate this process, we can recommend keeping your household at around 50% humidity by using a humidifier or dehumidifier. You can also avoid rooms that are excessively hot, dry, damp or that have direct sunlight throughout the day. These conditions help to prevent the possibility of natural wood cracking.

Extreme heat over a prolonged period of time may naturally cause cracks and extreme moisture may naturally cause mold. It is adviced to regularly oil the furniture so that the natural wood grain is fed, flexible and saturated with oil causing water moisture to pearl off the wood.

We offer maintenance services at an additional fee.

We cannot recommend any wax, polishes, or finishes at this time as we have never tested such chemicals on our homeware. We do urge you to enjoy the organic beauty of your wood furniture, however, if you choose to use such preventative methods, try solutions sparingly at first to ensure it has the desired effect you are looking for.


Should you have any further enquiries about wood cracking or checking, our customer service team would be more than happy to answer your questions:

Ash Wood Disclaimer 

Is Ash Wood Water Resistant? Ash wood is not waterproof or weatherproof. Its open pores absorb moisture, and the wood expands and warps, creating structural problems. We know that no wood can be truly waterproof or waterproof. But yes, some wood species perform well in moisture for a long time, which have natural rot-resistant and insect-resistant properties.

  1. Open Grain: Ash has open pores absorb moisture, and the wood expands and warps, creating structural problems.
  2. Not good for exterior applications: Ash is not receiving a good rating in terms of durability. It is susceptible to attack by insects and fungus after exposure to soil.
  3. Poor stability: Ash is its ability to be bent. Due to the low density. It starts to bend after exposure to moisture.
  4. Easily Split: Ash splits very easily when the deal and screw are applied. 
  5. Fast burner: Fire is always a danger to wooden structures. It is more flammable.